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Imagine yourself in a traditional workplace-learning environment.

Who’s doing the talking and moving around? Who’s got the ideas? Who’s excited, eager, and energized?

Easy, right?

It’s the teacher, the teacher, and the teacher.

Fact is, though, whoever is doing the talking is doing the learning. So, here’s a whole new big idea: the 70/30 Principle.

We've all been to mandatory training sessions fighting to keep our eyes open. It doesn't have to be that way, says Vicki Halsey, a workplace learning expert and author of "Brilliance by Design: Creating Learning Experiences That Connect, Inspire and Engage."

Training workers is necessary and expensive. So make it worth every penny by using key tools to spark interest.

In workplace learning, as in all learning, strong learner-teacher synergies are vital to success.

Today, many—albeit still too few—workplace teachers are practicing a more social, collaborative, and synergistic style of learning and teaching. They inspire learners to come together, connect, and create real results. They manifest mutual trust and respect. They make learning fun and meaningful. And they can, and do, bring out the brilliance in everyone.