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"This powerful book reminds us that every business, political, or nonprofit leader is a teacher while providing the necessary tools to unleash brilliance in a way that excites, inspires, and empowers our people."

Betsy Myers, former Executive Director,
Harvard Kennedy Center for Public Leadership

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Vicki is an outstanding speaker, trainer, and author who specializes in creating brain-based and accelerated learning strategies.

As Vice President of Applied Learning at The Ken Blanchard Companies, she synthesizes the latest research in knowledge acquisition and multiple intelligences into leadership, coaching and training initiatives.

Vicki's lively, animated, and humorous presentations captivate audiences, promoting learning in a comfortable and highly effective environment. She engages listeners’ hearts as well as their minds by creating learning experiences that enlighten, inspire, and transform.

Her latest book, Brilliance by Design, offers a systematic way to reach joyfully into the soul of learners and faciliate their brilliance so they can make a positive difference in the world.

She is also the author of The Hamster Revolution: Stop Info Glut—Reclaim Your Life!, a book that offers an easy-to-implement solution to email and information overload—a problem that plagues millions of people throughout the world.

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Sandra Schmid
Professor and Chair, Department of Cell Biology, The Scripps Research Institute

As an academic scientist, making discoveries requires that I bring out the brilliance in my students. Brilliance By Design gives inspiring examples, specific instructions, and invaluable templates that will help me to more effectively teach and lead my students, whether in one-on-one situations ...