One of the key skills of coaching is to be a champion for your client. Knowing in your bones that the client CAN succeed at that crazy stretch goal can make the difference between wild success and abject failure. Here are three ways to be a champion for your clients
1. Think BIG picture. Help the client focus on the end game, pie in the sky, full tilt outcome. Keep the lens there, rather than on the “why not” or “how to.”
2. Listen through the fear. There are a million reasons why someone can fail and a million more things we are afraid of. It all boils down to letting folks express their fear and then coaching them beyond and in spite of it. Refer back to item one.
3. Trust them. Clients are brilliant. They will figure out a way to achieve their goals. When you trust them, deeply and completely, they know it and it inspires them to keep going in spite of themselves.

Think back to the last time someone helped you to do these things. How did that influence YOUR outcomes?
Yep, let’s have more of THAT in the world.

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